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About Farmer Audrey

If you’re under the age of 9, you may know her as Farmer Audrey.

Audrey holds a Master’s of Science from Stockholm University in association with Stockholm Resilience Center and Stockholm Environment Institute. She has worked with toddler to teen programs for over a decade in Sweden and Canada. Her experience, education, and interests have led to her work with The Clubhouse Farm project.

The Clubhouse Farm is a nature-and-farm-based childcare facility and outdoor classroom that brings children to play, learn, relax, and explore in the natural world and where food comes from. Since its 2012 grassroots start, it has successfully benefited thousands of children that have visited, while supporting local food production, and support of habitat for biodiversity. Check out her recent posts on the Clubhouse Farm’s Facebook  and Instagram pages.

Audrey hosts Clubhouse Farm tours and seminars for school district Professional Development days, and for post-secondary students. UBCO’s 2019 Summer Institute saw the first ECED 480 course: Using Nature as a Guide to Curriculum Delivery in Everyday Practice.