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Healthy eating

Snacks and meals are made in our licenced kitchen and fresh produce is delivered weekly. Menus change monthly, are based on Canada’s Food Guide, and you can find them posted on our parent-communication board. We are nut-aware, and are able to provide alternatives for allergies and dietary restrictions. Ensure your child’s information on allergies and dietary restrictions is up-to date.  Please speak with your site manager if you have any questions.

In an effort to provide an Allergy Safe environment, and to minimize the risk of cross contamination, we ask that you do not send food from home. The Clubhouse is committed to the fundamental principle of providing and maintaining a healthy environment for all children and staff.

In 2007 The Clubhouse received funding from the “Success by 6” initiative and set up a nutritional program to encourage healthy eating for all children. In our beautiful, easy-to-clean and functional industrial kitchen, we’re able to bake fresh cookies and muffins, and serve shepherd’s pie, soups, grilled cheese, and more! Our school age children are welcome to help with the baking and cooking throughout the year, and the younger ones are often eager to test their results at snack time. Meals are nutritionally balanced, and fruit and veggies are always available as a side dish.

Apples from the Farm

Apples are always available and are delivered weekly. Many parents have noted that by being able to grab apples on the way out the door after a long day has allowed them to skip the drive-thru and hold over children until dinner can be made at home.