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The Clubhouse Preschool at A. S. Matheson

We are now taking registrations for the 4 year old preschool for September 2018

The Curriculum: a Play-Based Approach to Preschool 

Every experience presents a learning opportunity. Young children learn from everything they see, do, hear, feel, smell and taste; everyone they talk to and play with, and everywhere they go.

The Preschool at A.S.Matheson offers a program that builds a strong foundation for each child’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social development in an environment that inspires inquiry through play.

Our curriculum includes an early literacy component that has developed in conjunction with the Early Learning Partnership at School District #23. Through a language-rich environment which includes reading aloud, access to a variety of printed material, songs and rhymes, conversation and sharing – language skills are nurtured and vocabulary is improved.

During each class, children have the opportunity to participate in many activities which encourage and help develop creativity, experimentation, concentration, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and problem solving skills. Each activity offered is purposeful while most importantly being fun.

Children also need opportunities to explore outdoors. A.S.Matheson Preschool has access to an outdoor courtyard which has been lovingly developed into an exciting space for the children to explore, experiment, be creative and play happily in all seasons. Spending time outdoors benefits overall health and well-being.

At the Clubhouse Preschool children are cared for while they run and play, draw and paint, sing and rhyme, and make new friends – all the while building the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to prepare for the next stage of their educational journey into Kindergarten.


About Teacher Edyta

Edyta is an artist, out-of-the box thinker, photography lover, a child at heart, and mother to a boy she adores!

She is also an educator, innovator, and lifelong learner. She has been working with young children and families in a variety of settings for over 7 years in our community. Her goal is to create a caring, inclusive community of learners, a community in which all participants consider and contribute to one another’s well being and learning. She is committed to personal and professional growth by recognizing challenges as opportunities to grow.

Edyta is part of the World Forum Working groups and dialogue with others on issues such as nature education, peace building with young children, inclusion and diversity in learning environment. To expand her knowledge and understanding of the world, Edyta traveled a lot and has lived in three countries.

These experiences helped her to develop a valuable perspective on diversity and inclusion and importance of bringing it into learning environment.

When she is not working you can see her in the library, bookstore, or in nature. She believes that connecting with nature every day can be an opportunity to recapture wonder of life and express gratitude.


The Schedule

Preschool orientation day will be held Monday, September 10th at 9:00am. Parents are asked to stay with their children on orientation day to encourage a soft transition into the school schedule. The following Monday will be the start of a regular preschool week.

This 4 year old preschool is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:45 am to 11:15 am. Snack is provided. Our preschool follows the School District 23 calendar. We will be closed on statutory holidays and district wide professional development days.

Please contact us at 250-860-4393 for more information, or to register.