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Clubhouse Farm Spring Break 2019

Registration for this program opens during the first week of February 2019

We’re getting excited for the fifth annual Nature Spring Break program at the Clubhouse Farm! Children in Kindergarten to Grade 7 will have a range of outdoor activities from fort building and snowshoeing, to birdhouse building and fire starting – all while getting the cognitive, social, emotional and physical benefits that nature has been scientifically proven to offer.

This program includes transportation from The Clubhouse at Sutherland at 9am in the morning, returning at 3pm in the afternoon. It is an outdoor program and children must come with the gear for the weather: warm waterproof boots, snowpants, jacket, sweater, hat and gloves. Don’t forget a change of warm socks and under layers in a backpack! There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing – and when we’re warm and dry we can play comfortably all day!